The relationship between play and musical education

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Music for Toddlers - play and musical  education

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Now that we have become more familiar with the concept of play and have recognized what focal a role it has in children's emotional development and education, we are now going to see how we can use play in musical education.


Until now, children's activities combing music and play took place exclusively with the guidance of professional teachers in specialized schools for children (kindergarten or musical schools).
Although it is essential for your child to receive this type of education by professionals at school, this does not mean that you cannot contribute also yourself as a parent to your child's emotional development by offering to him/her this type of education in your own home. In this way you can strengthen your relationship with your child and make the most of the time you are able and are willing to give him/her. It is important to note that the quality of the time you spend with your children is much more important than the amount of time you are able to give them.
Let us begin then, step by step to become familiar with what we call ''musical education for children''. Before you start you may optionally have another adult present who will be able to help you or even another toddler, a friend of your child's for example. You don't necessarily need a great amount of time; a little but productive amount of time is all you will need to be able to teach your child a few important things.
In order to do this you will need to use some small instruments, which you don't necessarily have to buy. If you are willing to spend a bit of time for this you can also construct them yourself; it is worth the effort and it's so much fun at the same time.

In the next article I will show you how to easily make Musical Instruments for children. 

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