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How to Teach Piano to Young Children Using Games

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By the time it feels like you’ve caught up with your youngster -- whoosh! -- he is off to the next thing. At this point, the thought of holding his attention for even a half-hour piano lesson seems daunting. The trick to teaching piano to young children, however, is to play short musical games to match your child’s pace and attention span. Soon your child might be begging to play more piano.


Items you will need

  • Piano

  • Keyboard printout

Play & Learn. Why this is important.

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music for toddlers - play and learn

The role of Music

Music is innate to everyone, that is why it is an essential part of a child's development. It can help toddlers to learn how to use their imagination in ways comprehensible only to them. Young children love music because it is an indispensable part of their nature. Singing and dancing appears to be a fairly natural process to our little loved ones. Infants are uninhibitedly keen on participating in activities that involve music and motion.

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